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We visited Greece one month ago and it was amazing experience. Greece is a wonderful country, located in Southeastern Europe. Greece has one of the longest histories of any country.   People are great, friendly and always happy. We have learned a lot of interesting facts about Greece and its culture, also about see and rivers. We have met interesting people from European countries. Food was tasty, especially bread, I really liked national cuisine, my favourite dish was pastitchio, it's baked pasta with cheese and beef.

We stayed in Athens, observing really beautiful culture with its unique architecture. Everyday we had excursions, they were very exciting, the one I liked the most was to the Marathon lake, we came there on sunset, it looked like a miracle, nature in Greece is inspiring.

Also I really liked excursion to Acropolis, I have learned lots of facts about Acropolis, for example that it was destroyed and after rebuilt. 

Greece is an amazing country. I am thankful to Erasmus for providing international student exchange. 

Sofja Ter-Saakova



Our beginning of travel already foretold unforgettable and tremendous impressions.We knew to whom we were going, we knew the program and a weather forecast which promised to be better than in Riga. And our expectations were justified.

We visited a set of significant places of Athens. Such as Parthenon, museum Acropolis, Manestiraki... and near cities as Kria, Nafplio, Pirayes...We saw all sights about which we knew.We lived together with Greek guys and through their family learned the life of Greeks, their way of life and values of their life. Unfortunately, the daily lunch didn't differ from American, but we managed to try some dishes, new to us. For example, the most known and simple dish of Greeks is Suvlaki which they can eat at any time; also the known fresh Greek salad and especially for me a tasty dish - Pastitsio,which reminded me the Italian paste.

Our trip was short, and it was hard to leave guys from other countries as everybody had found a common language, especially in the last days, but all of us spent the whole week in a way we will never forget.

Thank you, Erasmus.

Polina Vaicahovska 11 b



Thanks to the ERASMUS+ project, I had a chance to explore the culture, history and water of one of the oldest and most beautiful countries – Greece.

One week in Athens seemed to me as one day, because of the rich program (we were always busy) – every day we went to historical places or cities which were connected with water or water supplies of Greece and of course we visited such world- known places as Acropolis, the Canal of Corinth and Piraeus.

My emotions and feelings about this unforgetable trip cannot be expressed in words, but they will certainly stay in my mind forever!


Anna Mashoshina



It was a great opportunity to take part in Erasmus International project. We had a great time during our trip to Greece. We visited a lot of beautiful places such as: Acropolis, Monasteraki squere, Illion area, Nafplion, Halkis and others. I’m so happy, because we made a lot of new friends, practiced English, explored the quality of water and had a nice time together. I’m proud to be a part of that international family and want to meet all the people from the project another time soon.


Vladimir Shehovcov


I liked our trip to Greece so much. I've seen a lot of beautiful places, have learnt a lot of interesting facts about Greece water resources and Greek history.
Family that hosted me was amazing, they were really friendly. For breakfast I had a glass of milk, but after I ate so much tasty food. Bread in Greece is one of the tastiest I have ever tried, they eat it fresh and never eat it on the next day.
Greeks are really religious, they have a lot of icons at home and they pray before meals.
It was really interesting to get to know another way of life. Schools in Greece are really different from ours, they don't have a school uniform, they wear sneakers and sport clothing to school. Greek schools have graffiti on the walls and students can write on their desks, but they pray everyday before lessons start.
I am really glad that I took part in Erasmus project. Every single day was awesome. That was a really nice trip, I enjoyed it so much.


Tatjana Konstantinovich



In my opinion this trip was a magical opportunity to visit another country and live in centre of its culture. During that week in Greece I fell in love with a lot of places and moments, that I had spent with my new friends from different countries. Now I know for sure, that travelling can make me happy, same as being hosted by kind people. My host family became my family for that time, too. It was nice to have this experience, I expected from the trip to Greece just visiting different landscapes there, but in the end I earnd literally an ocean of emotions! I had seen national traditions, I had tasted traditional food, I had met Greek people with their own features and particular qualities. Also I had found out a lot of information about Greek nature and about its history, water meaning in their life. All in all, I would never like to change anything about this trip and the Erasmus+ program in the whole. It was perfect without any cons!


Margarita Istominova

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