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First of all, I really wanted to fly to England because I really love English and I’ve always wanted to speak with English people. I spoke with a lot of people and it was unbeliveable experience for me!

When we arrived to England I was really shocked in a positive way, because all the people were so polite! I was so happy! The family with whom me and Michael were staying was simply amazing! I felt there as if I was at home, because they were really cool! They gave us really tasty English food and we spoke about a lot of interesting things in the evening, like life in England and Latvia, and so on.

Then, in the morning St. Gregory’s School met us really nicely. They prepared a very interesting plan for us. Everything in a shedule was about water, even food! We ate fish and chips there. We visited a lot of interesting places, like Chesil beach, The Museum of Roman Baths, The City Council and others, and the met a lot of interesting people.

I liked working on the project and I learned a lot about the water, which we use from the tap and only there I realised what hard work is needed to make it usable.


Vladislav Jevstifejev 10A




That was my first visit to the UK. I don’t want to write too much, but I just want to say thank you to my host family, to Saint Gregory’s School, to my group, and the students from other countries! It was an unforgettable experience, a great chance to improve my English and an amazing journey. These memories will stay with us forever. I liked working on the project, too. Now I know, that our generation should work really hard to improve water quality and to prevent floods. Thank you for the warm welcome!

Ksenija Kanashevich




I am very grateful for this trip. All my memories are positive, I can't explain why, simply everything was perfect. From the flight to the excursions, from my host-family to the people around me. I am grateful for the opportunity "Erasmus+" gave us, the opportunity to learn more about water and its value, for giving us a chance to learn something new. It's a valuable experience for me.

But anyway, my greatest gratitude is for my host-family. Thanks to them I'm in love with England, my week was perfect because of them, without them I wouldn’t have had have so many good memories about the city of Bath and the time I spent there.

Thanks a lot to everybody who participated in that week, to everybody who made me feel special.

Thank you, England, I'm happy I was there.


Emily Mendelsone




Travelling to Bath was really exciting! I couldn’t imagine that people from a lot of different countries could be so kind to each other and to us. The trip was very educational and our English skills improved because we spoke a lot with local people and our host families. Everyday we travelled to different places where we learned about water: how it is cleaned or why the lands were flooded. I will never forget our discussion with the people. On the last day we presented our international work with students from other countries and it was really interesting. Thanks a lot to Erasmus+ for those fantastic days and memories!

Zhanna Mislyakina


To start with, I have always dreamt about travelling to the UK and my dream has come true. For me the UK is the best country in the world with interesting traditions and also with unique architecture. So, one nice day my English teacher asked me if I wanted to travel to Bath and to take a part in the international project ‘Erasmus+’ in Bath and especially in Somerset. I was so happy and immediately answered ‘Yes!’. My parents were happy, too, and they took me to the airport.

So on March, 1st I met the family I lived with for a week. It was a very educational and interesting week! I am very grateful to the project organisers from the UK and especially to St. Gregory’s administration and head-master!

Talking about the project it was very thought-provoking. We learned a lot about water and a bit about flooding in the UK. We felt pity for the people who had been affected by flooding.

During the week we were chilling every day after working on the project in the city centre in Bath. So it was a nice week!



Michael Sarkisov



Everyone of us has a dream. My dream is to travel around the world. So, my trip to the city of Bath and the possibility that the programm „Erasmus+” gave to me was the first step for my dream to come true.

It was a very educational week, we saw a lot of sights, like the Roman Baths and the Somerset Levels, met and talked to the people whose lands had been flooded, and also did a lot of interesting things together with the students from different countries.

I think the trip to Bath is the greatest opportunity in my life, because the arhitecture, people and new things, which I enjoyed there, impressed me very much. I want to say „thank you’’ to my host family and to the programm „Erasmus+” for the chance to make my dream come true.

Paula Scerbinina

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