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Riga Purvciems Secondary School action plan  Country Latvia No. of classes 10 School name Riga Purvciems Secondary  School Starting and ending date   March­April, 2010 Leading teacher Dmitrijs Vinogradovs  No. Of students 261
General description:  We have already started working with NanoYOU. The ages of students are 16-18 years old. We have held a seminar on the nanotechnology for teachers in March and we are organizing Nanoday in April. This day all the lessons will be devoted to nanotechnologies. Each class is having 7 lessons for 40 minutes a day. The sequence and the content of lessons are being corrected depending on the school schedule and a subject which a class is having at this time according to the schedule. The approximate plan for one of classes:                                             The scenario Tools/Activities    How to implement 1. Video about NT 1st lesson – 8:30­9:10 – introducing the nanoscale,  nanomaterials, and nano technology 2. Experiments 2nd lesson – 9:20­10:00 – introducing experiments  (A, B, C, D) 3rd lesson – 10:10­10:50 – students with a teacher do  the experiments in a lab 3. Memory games 4th lesson – 11:05­11:45 – Memory game “Nano  Terms and definitions” 5th lesson – 12:05­12:45 – Memory game “Nano  questions & answers” 4. ELSA 6th lesson – 13:00­13:40 – Role Play 7th lesson – 13:50­14:30 – NT virtual dialogue Expected Difficulties during implementation (Technical, Organizational, pedagogical) 1. Inaccessibility of materials in the native language; 2. Insufficient equipment of school classrooms and laboratories; 3. Different level of knowledge of teachers about nanotechnologies. 1
Dissemination Channels 1. Students magazine 2. Local newspapers 3. School website 4. Seminars 5. Headmaster’s meetings
Please describe your dissemination activities. 1. A page on our website contains the description of the project and of the activities we are performing, with the link to the NANOYOU portal. 2. There will be publications about past Nanoday in the newspaper for schoolchildren and other local newspapers. 3. The seminar to introduce the teachers to the project has been held. 4. During Headmaster’s meetings school administration has been introduced to the project.