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Summary of Results

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Template for teacher's documentation
Overview The documentation contains the collection and description of all activities that aroused as results of participating to NANOYOU. For example, it could include follow up activities in the teacher's own school, in other education sectors or with another age-group of students or the implementation of optional courses to nanotechnologies. Furthermore the NANOYOU activities and the interest in nanotechnologies could spill over to neighbour- or partner schools and the teachers of the pilot schools are invited to present their activities. Name of school Name of teacher City Country Time of outreach activities Outreach Stage Date of submission
Riga Secondary School Dmitrijs Vinogradovs Rīga Latvia
March-April, 2010
Part 1- Implementation in your own school Your NANOYOU activities Kind of activities: (Nano-day event, lesson modules, others activities...)
Nanoday, 21/04/2010 This day all the lessons in grade 10 classes (3 classes, 86 students at the age 16-17) were devoted to nanotechnologies. Each class had 7 lessons for 40 minutes a day. The sequence and the content of lessons were corrected depending on the school schedule and a subject which a class had at that time according to the schedule. In each class 2 students were beforehand prepared to help and assist teachers in conducting lessons. These pupils were called NanoYou Profi and were wearing specially made T-shirts.
Nanoday plan for one of classes: The scenario Tools/Activities 1. Video about NT 2. Experiments How to implement 1st lesson – 8:30-9:10 – introducing the nanoscale, nanomaterials, and nano technology 2nd lesson – 9:20-10:00 – introducing experiments A, B, C, D) 3rd lesson – 10:10-10:50 – students with a teacher do the experiments in a lab 4th lesson – 11:05-11:45 – Memory game “Nano Terms and definitions” 5th lesson – 12:05-12:45 – Memory game “Nano questions & answers” 6th lesson – 13:00-13:40 – Role Play 7th lesson – 13:50-14:30 – NT virtual dialogue
3. Memory games
Some posters with information about the Nanoday and nanotechnologies in general were placed around the school. During that day students made some videoclips about nanotechnologies and Nanoday activities at the school. At the end of the day all students of grades 10-12 gathered at the school hall to watch experiments with nanomaterials and colloids. Photos are published at the school site:
Number of activities
Number of students 261 involved Class/grade of students involved Grade 10 (3 classes), grade 11 (4 classes), grade 12 (3 classes), age 16-19. Follow-up activities in your own school (involving other teachers /classes) Some seminars for teachers to popularize nanotechnologies and prepare them for Nanoday were held. 1 seminar for teachers of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 1 seminar for teachers of Mathematics. 1 seminar for teachers of Latvian, English, History.
Kind of activities
Number of 3 activities Number of students 15 teachers involved Class/grade of students involved
Part 2- Contacts to other schools and dissemination activities Contacts to other schools Kind of activities to involve other schools Number of schools involved Which schools Meeting with the teachers of the neighbour school with detailed informing on the project
Riga Classic Gymnasium Number of teacher/ students involved Class/grade of students involved
Other types of dissemination activities
Dissemination and communication activities (online, presentation newspaper, brochure etc.. )
Some journalists from the newspaper which is published for schools and distributed at them were invited to the Nanoday. They have written an article about nanotechnologies and the day at our school. a-N27%20-%20new.pdf page 4
All the information on the project and our participation in it is published at the site