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In November we visited Spain. I liked it very much. We lived in Nerja in the South of Spain near the Gibraltar. We visited a lot of places such as Malaga, Granada, the desert near Nerja and many others. But I liked the sea the most of all. I lived in a very nice family. They were so friendly so I felt at home and could practice my Spanish. I met a lot of new friends there. I will always remember this trip to Spain.


Andrej Baklanov


Trip to Spain was amazing! +25 sun, palms and the sea. We visited a small town next to Malaga called Nerja in November. This trip gave me lots of good memories and emotions. I learned a lot of information about the water system in Granada, solar power panels, which are located in the desert. I was suprised about how nice, friendly and open-minded Spanish people are. They are singing and dancing all the time. Trip to Spain was memorable. I am very happy that I took part in Erasmus + exchange project.


Margarita Burova 12B



I have travelled around the world a lot but I have never been in Spain before. It was the best trip for the all time and it changed my life. I have never seen such amazing nature like there. There are so many beautiful houses, buildings, places where you can
sit back. The family where I lived was very kind, generous and open-minded. We talked a lot with my host and her parents. I found out about Spain, about people, about their everyday life and I realized that it's my place. I want to live like people there.
Without problems on their mind, without negative emotions (of course, they are but they don't show it to anyone).

We were on a Solar Platform, we saw a small Hollywood in dessert. Our program was full with surprises, new cities, new places, new people and opportunities. Also I really liked Nerha's caves. But my favorite part of this trip was finding a new friends, contact with people from another countries, also improve my language skills. I am still in love with my Spanish friends, talkative and funny Italians and really good teachers and organizations from Spain.
I really want to have one more possibility to meet them one more time. After this week I became inspired and ready to hit the world.


Valerija Maslobojeva




This trip gave me great experience. Weather was sunny and warm,so we could spend a lot of time near the seaside. It was really cool to meet different culture, try new dishes, learn new language. I do appriciate opportunity which Erasmus gave us.


Jevgenij Mitrofanov



Last autumn according to Erasmus+ project I in group of six students of our school visited Spain.
Our trip began on 9th of November. We arrived to Malaga and after that we got a bus to Nerja.
Nerja is a town in the province of Malaga in Southern Spain. It is on the country's Southern Mediterrean coast. During the whole week we had a large number of excursions. We visited a lot of different landmarks. We visited Nerja caves, Tabernas desert, Museum of Historical memory of Andalucia, Alborania Museum of the sea at the new port of Malaga and Almeria. Nerja caves I liked the most, they made a great impression on me. Besides, we were sunbathing and swimming in the sea
This unforgettable journey will remain in my memory for a long time. I will definitely come to Spain one more time. And I would like to thank Erasmus+ project a lot and especially Margarita Vladimirovna for the organisation.


Polina Babina



Now I definitely can say that Spain is one of my favorite countries. I'm so thankful for this opportunity and experience. I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. This exchange gave me great English practice,because we were speaking all day long with our host families,teachers and students. I met wonderful friends with who I will keep in touch for many years. Erasmus + is a great exchange project.  


Anastasia Vasilevich

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