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ERASMUS+ skolas sadarbības projekts “Developing Entrepreneurial Skills while at School”

2022. gada 21. aprīlis

Rīgas Purvciema vidusskolas 11. un 12. klašu skolēni piedalījās Eiropas Savienības Izglītības, mācību, kultūras un sporta programmas ERASMUS+ skolas sadarbības projekta “Developing Entrepreneurial Skills while at School” mobilitātē no 2022. gada 26. martā līdz 03. aprīlim Palermo, Itālijā.

Projekta mērķis ir attīstīt uzņēmējdarbības prasmes jauniešiem pilnveidojot viņu pašapziņu, nodrošināt ar prasmēm, zināšanām un attieksmēm, kuras vajadzīgas, lai veidotu Eiropā uzņēmējdarbības kultūru.

Darbojoties projektā skolēni ieguva iespēju praktizēt angļu valodu internacionālā vidē, ieguva vispārīgu informāciju par uzņēmējdarbību, ne tikai mainīja domāšanas veidu, bet arī apguva tādas prasmes, zināšanas un attieksmi, kas ir būtiskas uzņēmējdarbības kultūras pilnveidē, paplašināja savas zināšanas par kultūras vērtību daudzveidību visā Eiropā, iepazina apmeklēto valstu skaistumu, satika jaunus draugus un paplašināja savu kultūras redzesloku.

Skolēnus uzņēma Erasmus+ projekta partnerskola Palermo, Italijā - Instituto Superiore Statale "Mario Rutelli", kas ir vidusskola un tehnikums ar trim izglītības jomām: Būvniecība - vide un teritorija, tūrisms un dabaszinātnes. Mario Rutelli skolotāji ir inovatīvi, mudina skolēnus mācīties, strādāt un risināt ikdienas problēmas. Skola savu uzmanību pievērš jaunatnes iespējam, atbalstot ikvienu līdzdalību sociālajā dinamikā. Lai to stiprinātu, skola organizē seminārus, izglītojošas apmācības, jauniešu apmaiņas un darbnīcas. Rīgas Purvciema Vidusskolas skolēni pārstāvēja savu skolu, prezentēja savu valsti un savu darbu Erasmus projektā un sniedza atsauksmi, dālijās ar savu pieredzi ar saviem klases biedriem.

Developing an Entrepreneurial Skills While At School. ERASMUS+

We had a project meeting from November 4 till November 8 2019 in Riga. A program was worked out and all activities took place according to the plan. At the end of the stay, the guests filled in the questionnaire in which they expressed satisfaction with the stay and the program. The students from partner countries got an insight of what entrepreneurial skills are like. They had numerous excursions in Riga and in the neighborhood: Jelgava Candies Factory, Dorite Honey Production Place, Mārupe Madara Cosmetics Firm. They were organised for our partners to have an idea about entrepreneurship in Latvia.

Some workshops were organised as well and they were conducted by people who have firms or work in firms. The businesswomen told the students about their business, advised them how to launch a business, spoke about what they should first pay attention to. The areas they covered were different: Tourist Agency, Souvenir Shops, Arranging Festivities- decorations with balloons. It was done on purpose so that everyone could find some practical information about the area they are interested in. The project's logo competition took place in which the partners presented their variants and then they chose the best one. The students chose the logo presented by the Spanish school. There was also a workshop conducted by professor J.Popova with the students involved in the project. They worked in mixed groups/firms and did some tasks.

While answering the questionnaire about their impressions on the stay in Riga and the activities all the students gave positive answers stating that the activities were hand in hand with the project theme.

Great Britain



First of all, I really wanted to fly to England because I really love English and I’ve always wanted to speak with English people. I spoke with a lot of people and it was unbeliveable experience for me!

When we arrived to England I was really shocked in a positive way, because all the people were so polite! I was so happy! The family with whom me and Michael were staying was simply amazing! I felt there as if I was at home, because they were really cool! They gave us really tasty English food and we spoke about a lot of interesting things in the evening, like life in England and Latvia, and so on.

Then, in the morning St. Gregory’s School met us really nicely. They prepared a very interesting plan for us. Everything in a shedule was about water, even food! We ate fish and chips there. We visited a lot of interesting places, like Chesil beach, The Museum of Roman Baths, The City Council and others, and the met a lot of interesting people.

I liked working on the project and I learned a lot about the water, which we use from the tap and only there I realised what hard work is needed to make it usable.


Vladislav Jevstifejev 10A




That was my first visit to the UK. I don’t want to write too much, but I just want to say thank you to my host family, to Saint Gregory’s School, to my group, and the students from other countries! It was an unforgettable experience, a great chance to improve my English and an amazing journey. These memories will stay with us forever. I liked working on the project, too. Now I know, that our generation should work really hard to improve water quality and to prevent floods. Thank you for the warm welcome!

Erasmus+ "New Waves": Great Britain

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I have never taken part in such kind of projects, so for me this experience was really useful. Thanks to “Erasmus+” for giving us the possibility to communicate with different students from different countries. We were able to improve our language skills, to hear different accents and to make friends with people, who are of the same age, but whose priorities are totally different. It was interesting to compare everything, because our lifestyles and our societies are actually different. When you visit the country as a tourist, you usually learn it skin-deep. In my opinion, this program gave us a chance to see, what the real life in different countries was. I think that every person is amazing and unique. It does not matter what country you are from and what your native language is. It is fantastic that we can communicate without any problems. I also want to say “thank you” to our teachers.

Vasilisa Rinkevich




I have never taken part in such projects before, but I think this experience would be very useful to me due to a great deal of communication with people. I would like to thank 'Erasmus+ New Waves' for giving the opportunity to meet students from the countries all around the world. It helped me to improve my language skills, make friends with people with various interests and backgrounds. It was interesting to compare my lifestyle with theirs because of different traditions. When you visit a country as a tourist you don't get the opportunity to really feel its traditions and lifestyle in comparison with when you get a chance to meet the people who then can properly introduce you to the traditions of their country and tell you about their origins.

Erasmus+ "New Waves": Italy

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In November we visited Spain. I liked it very much. We lived in Nerja in the South of Spain near the Gibraltar. We visited a lot of places such as Malaga, Granada, the desert near Nerja and many others. But I liked the sea the most of all. I lived in a very nice family. They were so friendly so I felt at home and could practice my Spanish. I met a lot of new friends there. I will always remember this trip to Spain.


Andrej Baklanov


Trip to Spain was amazing! +25 sun, palms and the sea. We visited a small town next to Malaga called Nerja in November. This trip gave me lots of good memories and emotions. I learned a lot of information about the water system in Granada, solar power panels, which are located in the desert. I was suprised about how nice, friendly and open-minded Spanish people are. They are singing and dancing all the time. Trip to Spain was memorable. I am very happy that I took part in Erasmus + exchange project.


Margarita Burova 12B



I have travelled around the world a lot but I have never been in Spain before. It was the best trip for the all time and it changed my life. I have never seen such amazing nature like there. There are so many beautiful houses, buildings, places where you can
sit back. The family where I lived was very kind, generous and open-minded. We talked a lot with my host and her parents. I found out about Spain, about people, about their everyday life and I realized that it's my place. I want to live like people there.
Without problems on their mind, without negative emotions (of course, they are but they don't show it to anyone).

Erasmus+ "New Waves": Spain

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We visited Greece one month ago and it was amazing experience. Greece is a wonderful country, located in Southeastern Europe. Greece has one of the longest histories of any country.   People are great, friendly and always happy. We have learned a lot of interesting facts about Greece and its culture, also about see and rivers. We have met interesting people from European countries. Food was tasty, especially bread, I really liked national cuisine, my favourite dish was pastitchio, it's baked pasta with cheese and beef.

We stayed in Athens, observing really beautiful culture with its unique architecture. Everyday we had excursions, they were very exciting, the one I liked the most was to the Marathon lake, we came there on sunset, it looked like a miracle, nature in Greece is inspiring.

Also I really liked excursion to Acropolis, I have learned lots of facts about Acropolis, for example that it was destroyed and after rebuilt. 

Greece is an amazing country. I am thankful to Erasmus for providing international student exchange. 

Sofja Ter-Saakova



Our beginning of travel already foretold unforgettable and tremendous impressions.We knew to whom we were going, we knew the program and a weather forecast which promised to be better than in Riga. And our expectations were justified.

Erasmus+ "New Waves": Greece

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